The lymphatic system is “the tree of life” inside the body. It aids in prevention and rejuvenation of illness, chronic pain, loss of energy, and disease.

About MLD Therapy 


In an MLD session, we will gently work on clearing your lymphatic system to reduce swelling.

This is the ideal therapeutic choice for perinatal “puffiness” and breastfeeding concerns, lymphedema, lip-edema, post-operative swelling and when beginning or boosting a fitness routine.

Manual lymphatic drainage is considered the standard of care in many plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery recovery procedures including “Mommy Makeover”, BBL, breast augmentation, liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

MLD with a certified lymphedema therapist will get you looking and feeling better, faster.

60-Minutes: $150


Recommended for: 

  • post-surgery care
  • reducing swelling and bloating
  • overall health
  • an improved complexion. 

How lymphatic drainage massage treatments help the body to heal naturally ?


Lymph is the fluid that surrounds each and every cell in our body. This fluid is constantly removing impurities, bacteria, germs, viruses, and toxic waste.
When the lymph fluid is congested and overloaded with toxic waste, it becomes the ideal condition for the onset of numerous illnesses, and hastens the aging process. Since the lymphatic system has no central pump (as the heart does) to move the fluid through the body, it must rely on diet, exercise, and lymphatic drainage massage to function properly.

How do we become toxic? Through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. We are bombarded with drugs, pesticides plus industrial and environmental pollutants.

The circulation of the lymph fluid is the key to a healthy immune system. 

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