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NASA Caviar Facial is a painless light therapy treatment that utilizes a particular light that sends wavelengths to your skin to stimulate and heal your skin cells and skin tissue.  

 NASA Caviar boosts your ATP (cellular energy) to start the healing process of the skin damage over the years. Helping you to reverse the clock on aging, LED increases collagen, elastin production helping you to reduce your wrinkles, and fine lines.

The best part of LED is that it can be used for all skin types to cure aging, acne, dehydrated, dull, and hyperpigmented skin.Destroying bacteria, clear and heal blemishes/breakouts/skin redness? Diminish scarring and hyperpigmentation problems?Rejuvenates skin cells and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines for younger skin!

NASA Caviar Facial

LED technology has been around since 1962, but research by NASA in the 1990s found it can be used to maintain the healthy growth of cells and boost the body’s ability to heal wounds.

Since then, the ways that this technology has been improved and manipulated for the health and beauty industry are remarkable!

Our LED lights can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and fight signs of aging by improving fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment finishes with our beloved caviar-enriched soothing and hydrating oxygen mist.

Monika Day Spa is proud to offer LED light therapy to our clients.We can customize this facial to fit your unique needs. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of everything we have to offer. 

90-Minutes : $300


Recommended for:


  • anti-aging
  • killing bacteria
  • reducing inflammation
  • improving fine lines
  • wrinkles.
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